Pigeon Fundraising Show @ Hog Wallow, Cottonwood Heights

  March 4, 2016

  9:30PM to 1:00AM

Pigeon Fundraising Show

Performed at Hog Wallow

Sam Smith, Guitars & Lead Vocals
Darren Farnsworth, Drums & Percussion
Ben "Chappy" Chapman, Banjo
Zach Downes, Bass
Ben Weiss, Mandolin & Vocals
Dustin Swan, Electric Guitar

Additional Info

Help us to earn a healthy budget for our upcoming recording session at June Audio in mid March. We have the pleasure of getting Jay William Henderson at the helm for this one. The stars are aligned. All we need is your help to add more cheese on our bird tray.

PIG EON has been described as 'Boring Folk Rock For Hipsters'.. but seriously, they are known as a 5-Piece Acoustic Folk Rock Band. PIG EON combines the face-melting ability of Sam Smith, Ben Chapman, Darren Farnsworth, Adam Fifield and Dustin Swan.

Pigeon is a conglomeration of some of Salt Lake City’s most interesting working musicians. All members have been gigging around town for years. Pigeon is a working band for the working man. The band tags itself as “Voodo Dirt.” A blues-driven acoustic rock act with experience and taste, Pigeon will lull you into leaving bread crumbs out in the grass.

'Death' (Live)

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Upcoming Live Shows with PIG EON

We have some shows in the works. Follow us on social media or visit our website soon to learn when and where. In the meanwhile, browse through our previous shows.