Bad Decisions, Shame and Regret

  February 28, 2016

We're recording a full length album at June Audio in Provo, Utah with Jay William Henderson at the controls titled "Bad Decisions, Shame and Regret"
Bad Decisions, Shame and Regret

People are on record these days. Between GoPro's being strapped to infant's rattles, cops' torsos and street cameras almost everyone is used to the idea of being on film or otherwise recorded. There are countless mechanisms for recording and countless methods. There are purposes and themes. Movements. 

Pigeon is devoted to recording THIS record because it is real and happening. Because it is art in movement. The songs are complete and a variety of musicians are preparing right now to preform these songs live in one of Utah's "sound spots," next month. 

Give us your money. It's way cooler than loosing a Twenty on "Red" or the flop. It's better than supporting the spread of deadly viruses. 

As a thank you, we'll send you the tracks as soon as we've finished them-in digital format.

(The plan is to press this baby to wax. The point of this fundraising movement is to pay for studio time and a fantastic engineer. Wax pressings cost a lot. We will beg again for that project.)

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  • Nate Simpson: Electric Bass

Engineering & Production

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