X96 Live and Local Spotlight: Pigeon

  September 2, 2015

Pigeon was chosen to be the September 2015 Live & Local Spotlight Band by Utah's favorite radio station, X96
X96 Live and Local Spotlight: Pigeon

 A special thanks to Corey O'Brien, X96 and Club 50 West for selecting us for their Live and Local Band this month.

"Perhaps it’s the stand-up  bass, the banjo and the mandolin that give Pigeon their romantic air. Is it blues meets gypsy? Folk meets rock?  Well, it’s not electric-based. That’s probably what I really like about it. Pigeon would sound just as great on a patio playing acoustic as they would in a club on electricity. Maybe it’s new life being breathed into the previously vocalized and familiar verse of the singer or new takes with new ears and instruments. Versatility takes talent, which breeds original genuineness. At least that’s how I do the math. Perhaps it’s a group of guys who really know how to play. I suggest you get out and see them as soon as possible…"  says Corey O'Brien.

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"Death" by Pigeon

"Pigeon" by Pigeon

"Going Down" by Pigeon

"I Got Robbed" by Pigeon

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